Free Silver Bullet Vibrator: Our Mission to Get Every Woman in the U.S. a vibrator!

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Free Silver Bullet for EVERY woman in the U.S.!

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Join us in our MISSION to get 1 Free Silver Bullet to each and every woman in the U.S.!

You pay the shipping of $13.00 and just .01 cent for the Silver Bullet - you get the silver bullet for $13.01! You can't beat that deal. Most retail stores in the Bay Area charge about $18 - $22 for the basic Silver Bullet. We normally retail it for $15 on our site plus shipping.

To get us closer to our MISSION of getting every woman a Silver Bullet, we reduced the price to .01 and you only have to pay the UPS Ground. This is a fabulous deal and if you don't need another bullet, I hope you will share this with a friend, your Mom, your book club or your BFF. We all know someone who is too shy to buy their own sex toy and who would NEVER shop at an adult store. Our shipping and billing is very discreet - nothing on the outside of the box that says SEX TOYS - so no embarassment.

I really feel strongly that women who have never had a sex toy and have never had an orgasm can truly benefit from owning the very simple Silver Bullet vibrator. It will change your life if you've never had an orgasm before.

Most studies show that 10 - 15% of women are "anorgasmic" which is a fancy way to say they have never had an orgasm.   Here is the Wiki's definition for you:

This toy is almost a guaranteed orgasm when you place it on top of your clitoris. If you are taking anti-depressants, then it may still be very difficult for you to have an orgasm even with the bullet. The anti-depressants make it difficult for the pleasure center of your brain to work properly and may make it difficult to achieve an orgasm. Sorry ladies. It's still worth a shot, though, right?



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